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5 Relationship Mistakes and Dating Mistakes Men and Women Make!
by Shawn Nelson, MSA.
(c) 2003. All Rights Reserved.

You now have in your possession the 5 Relationship Mistakes and Dating Mistakes Men and Women Make. Make sure to use this as a guide when you meet people!

Relationship Mistake & Dating Mistake #1: Looks

How many times have you been burned by a handsome, good-looking man or fine and beautiful woman? Too many times correct?

Why do you continue to fall for them knowing your past experiences? Why would you base a relationship on how a person looks?

I am sure you desire much more from your partner than good looks. Unless they are a model or stripper, good looks don't pay the bills or make you happy.

Relationship Mistake & Dating Mistake #2: Height

I understand women like tall men and you feel protected with them. There may also be other reasons that I will not mention. Hint: Big Feet

However, height is no indication of how a man will treat you. What do you expect to receive from a tall man that a shorter man can't give you?

I can tell you from experience that the height of the man doesn't determine the heart of man. It is the heart of a man that shows if he is a good man and will treat you like a lady or a tramp!

Relationship Mistake & Dating Mistake #3: Potential

Do not get me wrong, a person possessing potential is good.

What I am talking about is when you select an individual based solely on their potential.

Potential is only one quality of a person and it does not mean they are good people. You need to identify other qualities they possess.

It is very important to identify if the person meets your needs. If you do not know what you need, then you are in big trouble.

Relationship Mistake & Dating Mistake #4: Funny

Having a person who is funny and has a sense of humor makes your life much easier to deal with. Laughing takes the focus off your problems and worries.

However, when your mate jokes around too much and is unable to get serious about life, it becomes a problem. This you do not want!

Focusing on this one quality, when you need more, would lead you down a road with many problems and headaches.

Relationship Mistake & Dating Mistake #5: Exciting

It's no surprise you are attracted to people who are exciting, fun and live on the edge. That rush you get when you are with or around them feels so good!

How long will you be able to lead that exciting life? While some people have excitement in their life regularly, very few get it everyday.

The search for a man/woman to provide you with that daily excitement may lead you down an irresponsible life path.

Think back to the people in high school who were exciting. Where are they now? I'm sure many of them are not doing so great!

It's important you realize that a few qualities from a man or woman are not enough to develop a happy relationship.

If you ever wonder why you are not happy in your relationships, look at the criteria used to pick your mate!

To see these mistakes in action pay attention to the shows and magazines that focus on the lives of movie stars, entertainers, athletes and the wealthy!

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