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5 Surefire Ways To Tell If A Man Is Interested in You! Find Out If He Is A Keeper!

by Shawn Nelson, MSA.
(c)2004. All Rights Reserved.

It's not easy deciphering the bull men throw your way!

However, with a little pain and suffering, a few mistakes and a couple of heartaches you can begin to understand a couple of things.

But that's the long road and you don't have time for that! I'll show you the 5 Surefire Ways To Tell If A Man Is Interested in You or not!

1. He looks you in the eyes

Now this may seem very simple and I guarantee you may overlook it.

Most men are fascinated with a woman's body. To have a man who's able to maintain eye contact without staring at your boobs or butt is a good sign.

This indicates he's interested in you, the person, not the figure. If you were a man you would know how difficult this is to do considering how much we think about sex.

I'm not saying the guy won't look he just won't stare. He will definitely take a sneak-a-peek whenever he can without getting caught.

2. He talks about everything but sex

You know the type who can't seem to hold a decent coversation without sex popping up.

If you find a guy who is able to hold an intelligent conversation on just about any topic (outside of sports and sex) that's a good sign.

It's a good chance he reads material other than sports magazines and the sports section of the newspaper. If he has similar interests to yours that's better.

3. He innocently touch you

When you click with a man you want him to touch you. Yet, you don't want him to rush things.

If the guy attempts to hold your hand, gently touches you on the shoulder and arms or gives you a nice hug that's a good sign.

The last thing you want is for him to attack like you're the last woman on earth.

4. He calls to talk with you

I'm not sure what it is but it's rare to find a man who likes talking on the phone. Especially with women.

The key is not the frequency of the calls as much as the quality. For example, if you only get to speak once a week for 20 minutes or so is the conversation stimulating?

He may call you several times during the week just to say "Hi" or "I am thinking of you."

Yes, this is rare but there are men who do this and when you find one you should get to know him better.

5. He offers his help without you asking

Just because a man offers to help doesn't mean he is sincere in his efforts. Some men have ulterior motives.

This is a tricky one but with time on your side you can weed out the knuckleheads.

Here's the will know he is sincere when he continually offers and never ask for anything in return!

I know what you're thinking, "There isn't such a man alive today!" Well, you're wrong! There are plenty of us around.

When you get one I would suggest you take time to get to know him. He might be what you've been looking for.

There you have it...the 5 Surfire Ways To Tell If A Man Is Interested in You and is A Keeper! Do yourself a favor and take your time in getting to know men.

There is no need for you to rush into a relationship only to have your heart broken again. Learn all you can about him and have fun!

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