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Understanding Men: 5 Statements Men Make and Their Hidden Meaning!

by Shawn Nelson, MSA.
(c) 2003. All Rights Reserved.

By now you are aware men are very confusing creatures. They say one thing and do another! Understanding men is not difficult when you know what they mean when they talk!

Sometimes you want to strangle them for being so inconsistent. Based on my experience, below are a few statements that will assist you to understand men, which may currently drive you crazy!

"I need time to think about the relationship. But I still love you."

When this statement is made the man is really saying, "I'm tired of you! I need someone who's more of a challenge! But, I will string you along and stop by once in a while to have sex with you. At least until I find someone else."

Unfortunately, he settled for a woman who didn't meet his needs. Or, he didn't know what he wanted or needed! Either way you get hurt because you have given all of you to him.

You don't understand how this could happen or where it came from. The only thing you can do is confront the man and ask him to tell you the truth. Or, just be the 'ole standby' when he can't find anyone else!

"Of course I love you. I'm with you right?"

That comment is always in response to a woman asking, "Do you love me?" I'll reveal the bad news now.

Many men do not like needy women who constantly ask that question. It's very nerve racking and sometimes annoying.

Now, the hidden meaning to the second part "I'm with you right" is a sign that he's getting fed up and may start looking for another woman who's more confident and doesn't require constant attention.

When the last part of the statement is no longer used there's a good chance he's on the prowl or has found someone!

"She's just my friend. There's nothing going on between us!"

Usually, when the above statement is made the man has been spending more time with his friend than with you! This is definitely cause for concern!

A true friend to a man will not allow him to be with her all the time when she knows he has a woman at home. Actually, a true friend will tend to stay away from the man so she doesn't cause any problems with his relationship.

Therefore, there is a very good chance the two of them are attracted to each other. They may be sleeping or have slept with each other.

Just so you know it takes a lot of self-control for a man and woman to be just friends. But it is possible!

"I'm really busy but will spend time with you soon!"

The man is avoiding you when he makes this statement. Now, I'm not saying he isn't busy!

However, when you are involved in a relationship you should make time to spend with your significant other.

It is possible there is something missing in the relationship the man needs.

Men don't just become busy for no reason! Talk with him to find out what's going on!

"I love you! Let's get married?" or "I love you! Have my baby!"

Okay, I'm going to knock you over your head with a brick if you truly believe a man can love you enough after a few months to ask you to marry him.

Come on now wake up! You barely know the guy! Or worse, you've been with him for a while and he hasn't done anything with his life to warrant such a statement.

Let's not forget the "have my baby" line! Do I need to say more? Yes I do!

These statements are usually made when a man knows he has a good woman and doesn't want to lose her. Does he deserve her? Nope! But he knows that!

Yet, a man will stretch the truth if it will get you to stay with him. He doesn't want another man to have you!

There you have it! Five statements men make that drive women crazy! If you're tired of getting hurt why don't you get A Good Man's Resource


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